Shake It Off

We’re never ever getting back together with the old Taylor.
That was so two years ago.

It’s now time for the reinvented Tay-Tay.

The 24-year-old worldwide sensation has just released “Shake It Off,” the debut single from her fifth studio album.

Taylor brings out the horn section (trombones) for this one, folks.
The upbeat, dance-like-it’s-1989-anthem encourages humans, animals, families, children, grandparents, and anyone else that has ever felt discouraged or let down to ask themselves one question. Why am I feeling so terrible about what that person said about me when instead, I should just SHAKE IT OFF?

This is the catchiest song I’ve heard in the past 7 years from Taylor Swift.

Go get it now.


Platinum — Album Review


My TOP three picks:

“Little Red Wagon” – Lambert shines on this country-rock infused anthem. The character exemplified by Lambert is filled with a fiery and inescapable attitude. Lyrical content such as “I live in Oklahoma/And I’ve got long, blonde hair/And I play guitar, and I go on the road/And I do all the sh*t you wanna do/And my dog does tricks/And I ain’t about drama, ya’ll/And I love my apron/But I ain’t your mama,” might very well suggest that you may want to take a step back.

“Girls” – A beautiful track that declares the essence of the female race. My wild sister, Stephanie Lambring sings backup vocals on this track. Girls are wonderful, complicated, and have an insatiable desire of knowing they will one day, conquer the world.

“Automatic” – A nostalgic and adventurous joyride down memory lane. Remember recording music off the radio onto cassette tapes? Flipping through the Rand McNally on road trips with the fam? Have you ever tried enjoying life at a slower pace? If so, relive your childhood with this #1 smash-hit!