We got an Inner Tube!

Imagine the perfect day. Overcast and about 77 degrees.

Last week, my wife and I joined forces with our friends: Stephanie, Chris, Sarah, and John.

We hit the river bank and uncomfortably sat in the tubes as the icy cold water chilled our bones.

Eventually, the sun came out and all was well with the world.
We shared Pringles, licorice, Muddy Buddies, and some beer.

The relaxing day was worth every minute.
John caught some bug bites and is still healing.
Stephanie enjoyed her new favorite snack — Almonds.
(A departure from her daily spoonfuls of peanut butter.)
Sarah lost her phone.
Chris splashed me a few times. He’s gonna get it!
Olive got sunburned because of her Irish heritage.
As for me, I dodged spiders in the trees because they are little demon babies.

With a few hiccups, the day turned out to be extraordinarily adventurous.

What’s your version of a extraordinarily adventurous summer day?
Is it floating? Is it blasting Taylor Swift on the boom box? Is it taking Nature grams with your crush in the background? Or just having fun with friends?

Whatever it may be, I hope you are having a wild summer!



All the stars turned out for the night.

The fireworks lit up the night sky.

The walking dead came to life, while a meteor (or so we thought), hit the ground.

The bright lights decorated the tree branches. They made the forest come to life.

As a furry pug danced in the yard with a topsy-turvy spirit, I remember relaxing.

The definition of relaxing to me is a side of Woodchuck Cider and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

I missed my wife.  She was dreaming of a brighter tomorrow for my return.

The Air Force man, too, dreamed of a new life as well.

Adventure is out there.  All you have to do is find it.

Good luck, Jboi!! 😀