I fell in love out of college.

It took forever to hold her hand, ’cause I was waiting for the most imperfect moment.

I remember leaving the city and I still held her heart in my hands.

At the time, I wish we could have kept things just the same.

She told me she had dreams. And I did too.

I know we didn’t have to chase our dreams alone.

Because that’s what being together means. Together, that’s right.

Just one kiss would change her mind and stop the world from spinning.

For just a few seconds.

People were standing in line near Times Square just to watch us fall.

For a moment, the fireworks lit up the East River and from here on out it was just you and I.

I pressed my lips to yours and tried a hand at Magic.

Now, it feels like you disappeared. Guess the magic trick worked.

I still think about you. And hope you still think about me too.

Just in case you were wondering.

I remember the morning we said goodbye.

The leaving hit me like the NYC subway system crashing into a brick wall.

I didn’t feel like laughing or crying — just completely numb to the future pain.

It was raining when I touched down at BNA, but not enough rain for us both to jump in.


Tonight, I’m driving home and starting a new life.

I’m going over to my friend’s house for dinner because I hear his wife is a great cook.

It feels nice to finally be home again.

I’m not sure if we shared the blame, but I know my mama is still cheering me on.

Now, that kind of magic is here to stay.


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