Hey friend, I’ll see you soon.

Hey loneliness. I’m breaking up with you.

Hey sadness. You don’t belong here anymore.

“Hey boy,” says the girl in Bellevue, “Don’t come back.”

Hey frustration. I’m tired of feeling invisible.

Hey wife. Will you cook me dinner tonight?

Hey rain shower. I need your quenching magic.

Hey sunlight. Will you come out to play today?

Hey confusion. I don’t believe you anymore.

Hey me without you. I feel abandoned. 

“Hey Huzz,” says the wife, “I Luzz you!!”

Hey knight in shining armor. Your armor is never going to get that girl.

Hey glass of whiskey. I’m a little in love.

Hey Neptune. Stop barking so much.

Hello anger. Get the hell outta here.

Hey new Lecrae book. What’s up homie?

Hey lipgloss. I like the way you taste.

“Hey man,” says the bro down the street, “I want to encourage you to start writing again.”

Hey friend in the parking lot. Thanks for waving at me. I miss you. 

Hey tears streaming down your face. It’s okay. I understand, too.

Hey depression. You’re making me tired.

Hey there fear. I’m scared of you.

Hey anxiety. I’m waiting for freedom.

Hey home sweet home. My house is your house too.

Hey you. I love you.

“Hey Sheldon,” “I’m sorry I text you so much.”

Hey forgiveness. I misunderstood you.

Hey sunrise. You’re beautiful.

Hey childhood dreams. Only twenty people showed up to see me.

Hey again childhood dreams. Look up and see the horizon of possibilities.

Hey therapy. I know I’m going to make it.

“Hey Olive,” “Do you think I will hear from him soon?”

Hey salvation. I finally made it to the cross.

Hey Grace in motion. I’m falling to my knees now.

Hey best friend. I’m glad I married you.

Hey ambivalence. I don’t know what I want right now.

Hey midnight. It’s too late for this.

Hey Mama, I will visit you in your graveyard soon.

“Hey Papa!, I miss you.”

Hey Uber driver. Give me your keys.

Hey sparkling water. You’re a drug.

Hey friend, I’ll see you soon.


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