A Tale of Two Squirrels

Disclaimer: This post is non fiction.

I enjoyed seeing two furry squirrels on my walk this morning.  Every time I see a squirrel, it makes me think of my sister, Madde. Furry squirrels are her favorite. I also think of my buddy Chris because he loves them too.

This is a bug month. (It’s also a big month.)

I hate bugz. Yesterday, I saw my fur-baby daughter try to tackle a “PIDER.” PIDER is the shorthand version for Spider. The name was created by my Mama-In-Law Kathy. I hate Piders and they are a real life nightmare to a grown Indian man. 

I’d like to send out a special congratulations to my bro, Jboi. Congrats on the engagement Jason! You are a hero to me. And yes, you always will be.

In other news, this is also a big month. Two weeks from now, Olly and I get to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Someone toss the confetti and screech 🙂

Each day this week, I called my big brother Mr. BenHead.  We talk about Olive, his girlfriend KM, our poochies, the JC man and about what wild things I’m gettin myself into. I do love Ben so much. Tonight, he’s coming over for dinner because he loves his sister’s cooking and his new brother.

Today, I got to see my buddy Jeremy. He is my cool new brother from The Village Chapel. He inspires me in his walk with the Lord and is always willing to be a great brocub.  He is getting married next month!!! Send me some money and I’ll get them a gift…hehe (just kidding).  Jeremy and Jess are two of the sweetest people I know. It’s fun to do life with them. 

Lastly, I have to brag on my beautiful woman. She’s so sweet and wonderful and is able to put up with my wildness. Thanks baby. I’m sorry I called your brother and pretended to be an Asian woman asking him which Chinese food he’d like to order. Sorry Mr. Ben, you aren’t getting your Kung Fu chicken tonight.