Fighter – A Short Story (fictional)

What is your life worth fighting for?

A long, long time ago there lived a baby squirrel named Chris.

Chris lived in a little tree branch over Rodeo drive.

Because of the drought, there were no longer an abundance of acorns to chomp on. However, there was another furry baby squirrel nearby named Madde. Madde stored up many nuts and kept piling them in her tree house through the winter months. She didn’t like to share.

At Centennial park, Chris scrounged around for some nuts, leftover bread pieces, and stale French fries from Mickey D’s. Unfortunately, Chris the furry furry squirrel left the park discouraged.

Meanwhile back at Madde’s, she heard through the grapevine that many squirrels like baby Chris were starving because there were no acorns to be found. With a change of heart, Madde found Chris and gave him some of her delicious nuts. Chris was very grateful and ate to his hearts content.

From this very day, Chris and Madde are best friends and are in charge of the squirrel kingdom. Families of squirrels trek from all around the world to meet Madde and Chris. They carry their babies on their backs in hopes of finding a brighter future. As they fight for their lives and fight to stay alive, the most important thing worth fighting for is a delicious bite.